Drywall Repairs - A Few Things You Need to Know

One of the most common household chores to go without being fixed is the dreaded drywall repair. Most of the time it is a rogue doorknob the pops through the wall, or maybe moving a dresser down the stairs...a corner hits the wall and before you know it you have a nice little hole that needs fixing.

It's not the end of the world!

Fixing drywall is not terribly difficult. Here are some helpful tips for you if you end up with one of these blemishes in your home...

1) Get set up with the right tools and materials. For basic repairs, you'll need a few things from the local hardware store:

  • Hammer - stay away from big framing hammers with a textured head - this can make your job a LOT harder. Just a small household hammer with a smooth nailing face is just fine.
  • Drywall nails
  • Drywall tape - lots of varieties, you don't need anything special here.
  • Sheetrock - for a small job you may find pieces of scrap for just a few cents at Lowe's or Home Depot.
  • Joint compound - you should be able to get away with a small bucket for a small job.
  • Drywall knife or trowel

2) Drywall, or sheetrock, comes in several varieties. You'll find 1/2" thick, 3/8" thick, and water proof drywall, also known as "green board." For most applications, you'll want the 1/2" thick variety.

3) For any repairs in or around your shower or tub basin, you'll definitely need waterproof drywall to prevent fast decay.

4) Take your time with applying joint compound and letting it dry. If the joints don't look perfect after the first application, sand it down a bit and add a new layer. Just remember - anything can be fixed!

5) There is a pretty good step by step instruction over at Popular Mechanics.

Often times, getting all the materials together, learning how to make the repair, and then getting it right, is more trouble than it's worth. We get calls all the time for help with drywall repairs, and we're happy to take care of them. Williams Professional Painting has a skilled team that will come out to your home and get your drywall repairs completed perfectly and make sure that it is finished and painted - you'll never know there was a hole! Give us a call if you have a repair that needs attention.

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