Finding the Right Contractor for the Job

We've been in business for over 30 years and come across just about every job circumstance you can imagine - if we haven't seen it, we've heard about it! Most of the problems folks encounter when they've hired a contractor for a home improvement project can be avoided with a little preparation. I came across this article in Consumer Affairs and it hit home for me. There is a lot of pretty good advice here. I particularly liked this:

Hiring the right contractor, of course, is extremely important. There are many highly qualified and reputable home improvement contractors in the industry who use reliable materials, hire trained employees, and perform superior for a fair price. The trick is separating them from all the others who don't.

It's that last sentence that grabbed my attention. The trick is deciding who is going to do a great job, and who is not. We've posted literally hundreds (thousands?) of customer reviews, testimonials and letters. By doing this, we hope to give you some insight into the kind of company we are. Maybe take some of the guess work out of hiring a painting contractor.

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