5 Holiday Hanging Tips that Won't Wreck Your Paint Job

5 Holiday Hanging Tips that Won't Wreck Your Paint Job

One of the best parts of holiday home decorating is taking your cherished boxes of decorations from the attic or shelves of your Washington, DC area house, unwrapping them and displaying them fondly. Maybe you have a tried and true decorating plan which you execute each December, or perhaps you like to try something new each year. No matter what your holiday home decorating style, you need a game plan for displaying your tinsel and trinkets without ruining your wall paint.

So, as our early Christmas gift to you, here are five tips from our professional painters for decking your halls without ruining your paint job.

Use Removable Adhesive Hooks- Command hooks by 3M have revolutionized holiday decorating. They are cost effective, go on easily, and pull off without leaving a trace of stickiness on your wall paint. Best of all they work on nearly any surface, including painted fireplaces and mantles, so you can hang your wreaths and stockings without drilling into your brick.

Try Decorative Tape- If you are hanging something light weight, such as a printable quote, photo or Christmas card, try decorative washi tape in each corner. This will not only get the job done, but it will also add a bit of fun and color to your holiday artwork.

Check Out Over The Door Hangers- Looking to hang a wreath, advent calendar or tapestry? Consider displaying it on an interior door. Simply place a wreath hanger or door hook over the top of your door for an easily removable, damage free hanging solution. Be sure to take the thickness of the hanger into consideration (thinner is better) to ensure it works with the thickness of your door frame.

Hang a Clothesline- If you want to cut down on the number of hooks or nail holes used to display your christmas cards, stockings or other festive items, consider hanging a clothesline of twine or ribbon. Many craft stores offer fun, seasonal patterns as well as clothespins to complete the effect and hold your holiday treasures in place.

Remember, Nails Holes Aren’t The End Of The World- In the grand scheme of things, nail holes are one of the easiest home repair jobs. With a little spackle and some of your original paint color you can fill the holes as you pack your decorations away for next year.

If a new paint color is on your holiday wish list, give us a call to schedule an estimate! We would love to discuss what our team of professional painters can do to help you deck the halls of your Northern, VA home for the holidays and for years to come.

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