Add Spaciousness To Your Small Space With These 4 Painting Tips

Add Spaciousness To Your Small Space With These 4 Painting Tips

With the advent of the tiny house movement and apartment living blogs, there is no better time than the present to live small as far as your Northern, VA home is concerned. The internet is awash with great ideas on how to style your space that are not only functional but fantastic as well. When designing and decorating a small room, the best interior design ideas will give your space an open feeling, increasing size through perception rather than actual square footage.

One of the most foundational impacts you can make in your small space is through well chosen paint colors and techniques. Your wall paint colors are the backdrop for your room and do a bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to giving your room the feeling of openness.

To increase the size of your fabulous, but perhaps size-challenged rooms, try these 4 small-space painting tips.

  1. Think Neutrals- When working with a smaller space, it is best to keep your paint colors neutral, but fear not, white isn’t your only choice with it comes to colors that play well with others. Today’s neutrals are not limited to white alone but offer a diversity of options in the gray, cream, beige and blue families. For a neutral that will increase the feel of your space while still adding a backdrop of subtle color, check out Topsail by Sherwin Williams or Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.
  2. Color Family Bonding- To help your small spaces look bigger, consider using different shades of the same color family in your trim, ceiling and wall paint color choices. This will differentiate the separate elements of your room while not breaking it up. The less color break the brain perceives the more spaciousness you feel.
  3. Ceiling Surprise - If you find yourself itching for a bit more pizzazz in the paint color department, try painting your ceiling a surprising color such as a navy blue or jewel tone. This will draw the eye upward and constantly give your room a taller, more spacious feeling.
  4. Natural Light- We know this does not technically belong on a painting tips list, but it has a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your paint colors as well as your entire room. The soul loves natural light, and when working with a small space, it’s crucial to allow as much natural light in as possible. If privacy and room darkening are not an issue, consider leaving your windows naked or dressing them minimally with sheer curtains in the same pallet as your wall paint colors to lengthen the look of your room.

You don’t need to have a mansion to have an amazing space with a well chosen paint job. If you need a little help styling the paint colors in your apartment or small space, or you’re too busy to pick up a brush, give us a call. No paint job is too big or too small for our team of experienced painters. We would love to work with you using our clever interior design ideas to turn your Washington DC area small space into an airy, homey place you cannot wait to come home to.

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