Certified And Insured Professional Painters, What That Means And Why It Matters

Certified And Insured Professional Painters, What That Means And Why It Matters

You know you need some painting done in your Northern, VA home or business, and you know you want to hire a team of reliable, professional painters. But what should you be looking for as you sift through the hundreds of reviews and recommendations for painting companies? Is it important that your painter be certified and insured or should price be your biggest concern? What does certified and insured even mean?

Let’s take a look at those terms and why they matter as you find someone to tackle your paint job.


What it means- Just like any insurance, having an insured painting contractor means that if something goes wrong with your project, they are covered for any damages to your home or business. Ask to see your painter’s insurance and do not hesitate to call their insurance company to be sure their coverage is current and the limit is high enough to protect you and your home.

Why it matters- If something goes wrong on the job or a mistake is made, your painter’s insurance will cover damages to your home. This insurance also covers any injuries that may happen on the job site and ensures that you will not be liable to cover medical bills or health issues incurred at your home or business.


What it means- A certified painter has received special training on how to safely handle special-needs projects such as lead paint. They will have the training and know-how to safely tackle your home’s projects and ensure the safety, beauty and air quality of your dwelling or business.

Why it matters- If you have any lead paint, it is essential that you choose someone who is certified to handle it, especially when dealing with interior paint. Talk to them about their training and methods so that you are comfortable with the work being done.

Before deciding on a painter for your project, be sure to do your homework and ask them about their training, methods and insurance. Ask to see examples of their work if they’re not already available online. Be sure to get a copy of these documents on file and save all estimates, price quotes and communication from your painter.

Here at Williams Professional Painting, we are licensed, certified and insured for all painting work in the Northern, VA and Washington, DC area, including EPA safe lead-paint removal. Our painters are of the highest quality and use the finest painting tools. You can trust that all our coverage is valid and that our painters will be honest, professional and prompt. Take a look at some of our work and give us a call today and see the difference a quality team of painters can make on your project.

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