Does the Exterior of My Fairfax, VA, Home Need to Be Repainted?

Does the Exterior of My Fairfax, VA, Home Need to Be Repainted?

The long, harsh winter has taken its toll this year. Here in Northern Virginia, as the snow starts to melt, it may be time to inspect the outside of your home for wear and tear.

Exterior paint does not just have aesthetic benefits, but it also protects your home from moisture. The freezing and thawing process and winter winds can negatively impact both the paint and the siding of your house. Fading, peeling, mini cracks, and paint bubbles can all indicate needed attention.

What Are Your Exterior Painting Questions?

We hear a lot of questions from our customers, including:

All of these depend on your unique situation, and we would love to help you decide and give you the best information possible. If you are unsure and would like an expert opinion, call us (703- 768-8143) and schedule a consultation.

Why should I paint my exterior now?

Exterior painting protects your biggest investment: your home. While paint can be applied into the summer, a more moderate temperature will likely result in a longer–lasting paint job.

When the spring and warm weather arrive, everyone will begin scheduling home improvements, and our painters will be booked solid. This week is early enough to beat the rush, and get your exterior projects out of the way so your summer is free and clear.

We are glad to help you with your exterior painting this spring. Williams Professional Painting has painted exteriors for customers for over 34 years in the Fairfax county, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.

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