How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors – Herndon, VA

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors – Herndon, VA

Whether you're looking to paint a new or existing home for living, rental or sale, sooner or later you will want to paint the home's exterior.

While it can seem like a big investment, the first impression of your property is from the front yard. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing exterior paint colors.

Age of Home & Architecture

The first thing to consider is when the home was built. For homes built in the early 20th century (or late 19th century) modernist colors may not work well. The architecture and features usually interact better with a modest palette. Go for something more classic, whether it's an off-white color or some sort of Earth tone.

If the exterior is sleek and modern, color can enhance it or play it down, depending on your desires.

If your home is a new construction, feel free to experiment a bit more with color and pairings of colors.

Environment Surrounding the Home

Location plays a large part. In dense urban areas you want to set your house apart without drawing too much attention. A bright pink can cause intense feelings from the neighbors, who look at the outside of your house more than you do. You have a lot of options to express your personal taste and style, but sticking to traditional color schemes broadens your home's appeal. Sherwin Williams has several good recommendations depending on your situation.

For country or rural homes, play off the surrounding landscapes and foliage. A Forest Green may be too much if your home is surrounded by trees, but a charcoal color or red could accent your home beautifully in that setting.

Living, Renting or Selling?

Consider the future when selecting your exterior paint job. It's true you can always repaint, but thinking about the next few years can give you a personal aesthetic and style that will hold up over changing trends.

If you bought the property as an investment, to rent or re–sell, definitely stick with colors that are broadly attractive. The goal is to find a buyer or tenant as soon as possible. You can reflect your personal taste and style, but a great look with mass appeal will bring more potential renters or buyers to your door (painters and designers are a great resource here—use them).


If you find yourself in a neighborhood without an HOA and strictly regulated color schemes, you still want to avoid looking like an eyesore. Painters and designers are a great resource for brainstorming exterior color ideas, and they see a lot of homes and scenarios. They can point you in the direction of a unique look that still has long term appeal, both for your community and future occupants of your home.

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