What’s Your Paint Color Personality?

What’s Your Paint Color Personality?

You may have read that color affects your mood and behavior. For example, blue is seen as soothing and reminiscent of a day spent searching for shapes in the clouds whereas red is a passionate color that calls to mind roses, wine and lipstick. But what do we make of the colors we are naturally drawn to, the ones that have been our favorites since childhood? How does this translate to our wall paint colors? Let us take a look at what your wall paint color choices say about you and how to tell the story of what are you inspired by and drawn to at the very core.

Blue- If you find yourself attracted to blue walls it may indicate that you are a harmonious, reliable and sensitive person. You see your home as a haven and as such you want to fill it with colors that remind you of soothing waters and fresh summer berries. For a subtle, aqua blue, try one of the Benjamin Moore paint colors, Palladian Blue, or for something more saturated, you might consider Hale Navy.

Tan / Brown - Love a great beige wall? This may mean that you are a reliable, no-nonsense person who wants a classic earthy, neutral tone as the backdrop for life in their home. For a versatile, all over beige, try Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore. For something closer to the chocolate family, try out the Sherwin Williams paint Steady Brown.

Green- Thinking of green paint for your home? This could indicate that you are an affectionate, loyal, honest person with a love for the natural elements of life. For a subtle green, try Wispy Green by Benjamin Moore Paints or for something a little more vibrant take a look at Scotland Isle by Behr Paint.

Yellow/ orange- Do you delight in a cheery yellow wall or even something closer to a citrusy orange? This may suggest that you love knowledge and teaching and tend to be cheerful, welcoming and hospitable. When choosing paint colors in this family, it may be good to choose less saturated tones to give your room a more calming and spacious feel. For a subtle, sunny yellow, look into Behr’s Lemon Souffle or if you are in the mood for a more vibrant choice, check out Showtime by Benjamin Moore.

Red / Pinks - If you are looking for a bold statement color, you can’t go wrong with red. Those who are drawn to red walls may be individuals who live life to the fullest, determined to saturate their days with memories and celebration. If you are leaning toward red paint in your home, consider Tucson Red by Benjamin Moore or for a fresh pink check out Demure Pink by Behr Paint.

White / Gray Neutrals - Want a neutral canvas as the backdrop for your home? This might suggest that you are organized and logical and you do not tolerate a lot of clutter in your living space. You are an even keeled individual who is not interested in repainting as trends come and go. For a classic white you might select Rhinestone by Sherwin Williams or for a neutral gray give Silver Drop by Behr Paint a try.

You want your home to be a reflection of who you are. The paint colors you select play a major role in casting that vision. Leatrice Eisman, American color expert and executive director for the Pantone Color Institute, says it well: “Pay attention to your feelings, don’t be concerned with what others think. Color is a highly personal choice.”

For help in creating a Washington DC or Northern VA home where the color of your walls tells your story, give us a call. We would love to collaborate with you in turning your walls into a reflection of who you are and what you love.

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