6 Ways To Love Your New Deck in Alexandria, VA

 6 Ways To Love Your New Deck in Alexandria, VA

Summer is here, the Washington, DC farmer’s markets are well stocked, the pools are sparkling blue and the season of outdoor fun is in full swing. What do you see when you look out your sliding door? Is your deck ready to entertain family and friends? Or, alternatively, has your outdoor space seen far better days?

Having a comfortable, attractive outdoor entertaining space is not only crucial for summer fun, but it is also a strong investment in your home. Taking the time and effort to build, repair, or replace a deck will significantly add to your property value. In fact, upon resale homeowners generally recoup over 80% of the work and materials they put into their deck or deck paint.

If these reasons are not convincing enough, here are 5 ways you can use your newly refinished deck to transform your Alexandria, VA summer lifestyle.

Grill Master

You are the master of the meats, and you have to grill to back it up. Sadly, your beastly grill sits on a sad slab of concrete or a ramshackle old deck. Your talent deserves a better stage, so why not invest in a new deck, deck paint or professional deck repair?

Container Gardening

No need to head to the grocery store or your local farmer’s market when you run out of mint this summer; just snip a few sprigs from your container garden. Add style to your outdoor space with pots and planters in a rainbow of paint colors. With a new or newly repaired deck, your green thumb will be inspired to plant and water all summer long without complaint.

Play Dates

A damaged deck is no place for toddlers, otherwise known as tiny people who trip and fall several times an hour. With a new coat of our best deck paint, your deck will be a safe and beautiful spot to host playdates or fill up a kiddie pool for your grandkids. Our painters and carpenters only use the highest quality materials, ensuring that every board and railing will be safe and secure for your tiniest visitors.

Book Club

Pick up some wine and fancy cheese and get ready to show off your new entertaining space to your book club buddies. If you are stuck on exterior color schemes for decorating your new deck, perhaps they can share their opinion on colors as well as your latest read.

Family Get Together

Who is hosting grandma’s 80th birthday party? You are, on your newly refinished deck. Featuring fresh paint colors and repairs, your home is the perfect place to welcome your family and swap stories from every generation.

Grown Up Time Out

Summer can be relaxing and exhausting all at the same time, so be a little selfish and have some deck time all by yourself. After all that hosting, gardening, yard work and choosing paint colors, you have earned some time in the sun with a favorite drink or book. Heck, take a nap, just be sure to duck under the umbrella or slather on sunscreen first.

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