Our Professional Painters Repair Water-Damaged Drywall

Our Professional Painters Repair Water-Damaged Drywall

Nothing causes homeowner anxiety quite as much as water damage. Whether it is a large, unexpected flood or a slow leak over time, water issues can wreak havoc on the walls of your Alexandria, VA home.

Do not freak out, because we are here for you in your water damage distress. Our professional painters are expertly trained not only for a pristine paint job but for drywall repair as well. We can come in, give you an estimate and have your walls back to normal in no time.

Underneath a fresh coat of wall paint, the damage will be expertly repaired and quickly become a distant memory.

In case you still have lingering questions, here are the answers to a few basic questions we receive when it comes to repairing water-damaged drywall.

What Do I Do First?- First, you get in touch with a professional. Repairing water damage is not something you want to attempt on your own. When you call us, one of our professional estimators will come to your home for an estimate and discuss your needs as well as the project’s timeline. They will make sure the leak has stopped and call in a plumber if necessary so that your new drywall will not see further damage. Next, they will check with you about your vision for the damaged room; will you want to match your existing paint colors or change wall paint completely? Whatever your needs, they will work around your schedule so that you experience minimal interruption to your daily routine.

How Long Will This Take? The scale of the project will vary greatly depending on how much damage your drywall has sustained. Minor damage will be scraped away and filled with joint compound whereas major damage will need to be cut out and patched with new drywall, drywall tape and joint compound. The less damage to your walls, the less time the repairs will take.

Will I Be Able To Tell? No. We use only the best tools and techniques and will patch and sand until the seams or damage blends completely in with rest of the drywall. Once the damage is repaired, it will be time to select new paint colors or match the existing paint job. If your home has damaged trim, our professional painters can replace that as well, ensuring that the walls of your Washington, DC home look even better than they did before.

Will My Home Be A Huge Mess? Nope, our team cleans up after themselves on a regular basis as well as a final deep clean of the workspace before completing the job. Some of our customers report that their rooms were cleaner after the repair work than before!

We sincerely hope you never need us to come over and repair water damaged walls, but know that if the need arises, we are trained and ready to make your home right again. If you are having trouble with water damage or are simply looking for a fresh coat of paint, schedule an estimate with our team today. We are trained and ready to repair and refresh your home inside and out and look forward to hearing from you.

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