What To Expect From Professional Painters in Washington, DC

What To Expect From Professional Painters in Washington, DC

Say it is Sunday night and you are eating a bowl of popcorn in your living room, dreaming of how amazing it will look with a new coat of interior paint, when it hits you: Am I supposed to be doing something to get ready for professional painters? Should I get off the couch and move it myself? Am I supposed to wipe down the walls to ensure a smoother paint job?

Today we are going to talk about exactly that. Here are 8 things you should expect from Arlington, VA professional painters.

Promptness And Professionalism

Simply put, your painters should show up on time and ready to work. You may have to coexist for a while, so they should be kind and respectful to your family while they get the job done.

Expert Color Advice

Before anyone picks up a brush, you need to decide on a new interior paint color. But guess what? You are not on your own there either; a quality painting company should be able to advise and assist you every step of the way, including choosing paint colors.

Protecting Your Assets

Your painters should ensure that your flooring and furniture is protected and covered before they begin the painting process. If something goes wrong, they should also be insured to replace and restore any damages.

Superior Surface Prep

The secret to a perfect paint job lies heavily in surface prep. Your painters should ensure your walls are clean, all nail holes are filled and any uneven surfaces or previous drips are sanded smooth.

Prime (If Needed)

Whatever the reason, be it stains or an overly saturated paint color, some walls require an extra coat of primer to ensure superior coverage. If this step is needed for your interior paint job, your painting contractors should be able to apply it with aplomb.

Perfect Paint Job

The star of the show is, obviously, your new paint color and you should expect it to be applied with smooth, even coverage and crisp, clean lines. One of the benefits of hiring professional painters is they can produce an end result free of errors and far superior to any DIY efforts.

Quality Painting Tools

A good painter knows that their tools are the key to their success, so your painters should be using top-notch, commercial painting tools to ensure a flawless finish.

Expert Cleanup

With the exception of re-hanging artwork and moving a few pieces of furniture, your room should be ready to live in when your painters pull out of the driveway. You should expect a dust-free exit, and the only indication they were there should be your beautiful new wall paint.

So the long and short of it is, yes you and your roommate might want to clear the room a bit before your painters arrive tomorrow, but beyond that, quality painters take care of everything from removing and replacing switch plate covers and hardware to cleaning up every speck of dust.

With Williams professional painters, you can expect all of this and more. We will help you every step of the way, from choosing paint colors to cleanup. Our team will leave your room transformed without a hint of mess or bother, so give us a call today and allow us to show you what a William’s paint job can do for your Alexandria, VA home.

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