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4 Reasons to Consider Neutral Interior Paint Colors

4 Reasons to Consider Neutral Interior Paint Colors

When it’s time to rethink your home’s interior paint, it can be tempting to start looking into bolder, brighter, more daring options, especially if you’ve always walked on the more traditional side. Something totally new can be fun, maybe even pushing your color comfort zone just a bit. You know, something to get the in-laws talking...

As awesome as that can be, and as enticing as the colorful photos in home design resources can look, we have a surprising color trend to tell you about. This one is from the other end of the spectrum (almost literally).

Neutral interior paint.

Why Choose Neutral Interior Paint for Your Virginia Home?

Photo by Martha O'Hara Interiors

There are four key reasons that are contributing to the popularity of this more subdued color palette, and we think you’ll like them.


Do you like the idea of having versatile, neutral interior paint, but still are hungry for color? How about painting just one wall a more vibrant accent color? It can be an ideal visual anchoring point, drawing attention to one specific aspect of the room.

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We suggest contacting your local painter to discuss all of your colorful options, and to consider your specific spaces. An experienced eye is invaluable.

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