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6 Common Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

6 Common Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a huge difference between painting, and painting well.

It’s a little like saying that because you can safely drive to the store and pick up groceries, you’re basically ready to be a master mechanic.

Expert level painting involves extensive knowledge of products, surfaces, how those products and surfaces will interact, having the proper tools, training, safety equipment, and more. And, the benefit of this kind of knowledge and experience is that your paint will look better and last much, much longer. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional painter rather than taking on a potentially large, expensive, and stressful project yourself.

With that said, we wanted to offer a few tips and insights into common exterior painting mistakes that we often see being made. These are definitely easy to make, but they’re also easy to avoid!

Avoid These Rookie Mistakes During Your Exterior Painting Project

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