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Should I Get Soundproof Drywall? Does It Work?

Should I Get Soundproof Drywall? Does It Work?

If you've ever been bothered by a sound coming from outside or from another room while you're trying to read, sleep or work, you've probably wished for a way to block out the noise. While earplugs can help, who wants to wear those all the time? So what about soundproofing your walls? Should you get sound reduction drywall? Does soundproof drywall work?

Sound reduction (or soundproof) drywall is a fairly recent invention that offers many advantages, though it does cost more than conventional drywall.

How Does Soundproof Drywall Work?

It's important to note that no drywall is absolutely soundproof, but the material we're talking about is sound reducing. It is a unique product from QuietRock that has been on the market since about 2002.

QuietRock's sound-reducing drywall works by creating a sandwich: the front and back are made of thin layers of regular drywall, while the middle layer has a special formulation of sound-absorbing polymers. This unique layer dissipates the energy in sound waves, dampening the transmission of noises.

The soundproof layer in this drywall does not affect its performance in any other way. It can be cut, installed, taped, mudded and painted just like regular drywall.

Does Soundproof Drywall Work?

One sheet of QuietRock's entry-level drywall cancels out sound better than eight layers of normal drywall! When properly installed, you can count on a significant reduction in noise in your rooms. Just think of the peace and quiet! And if you upgrade to a higher-end product, the results get even more impressive.

Where to Use Sound Reduction Drywall

Drywall that blocks sound transmission has hundreds of possible applications, desirable in a home or commercial setting:

Soundproof Drywall Installation

If you are interested in installing soundproof drywall in your home, office, or workplace, Williams Professional Painting is ready to help. We have extensive experience with all kinds of drywall installation, and we can take care of the whole project, right through the skim coating and painting. Working with a professional drywall installer, you can be sure the project will be completed with spectacular results!

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