Color Matching and Custom Paint Colors

Color Matching and Custom Paint Colors

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to match your walls to that perfect shade of blue on your favorite carpet? Or the lovely yellow that was in that magazine article? Or that beautiful green that you already have in the hallway? Is that possible? Well, if you hire a professional painting contractor then it is! They can custom design perfect interior paint colors for you. Here are a few great ways to use that service.

1 - A Color From Something in Your Home

One option for color matching is choosing a color you particularly love from something in your house. It could be a detail in a piece of art you enjoy, an accent on a throw rug, or a piece of clothing with a particularly lovely color. Is there a place in your home where you’ve always dreamed of having that color? Well, now, your dreams can come true.

2 - A Color From A Picture

If you come across a picture online that has a color you like, we can put it on YOUR walls. Even if it’s not the same paint brand that we use, we will be able to perfectly pair it, so you can have whatever color you like on your walls.

3 - A Color From Somewhere Else in Your Home

Do you have a room that was painted in the past and needs some refreshing now, with the exact same color? Or is there a color you already have on some walls, and you would like to use it in more places? With color matching, you can have the exact color you want, even if you don't know the brand or name of the original interior paint.


Cautions about Color Matching

There are two limitations that you should be aware of with custom colors and color matching. First, it is nearly impossible to do touch-up painting on just certain parts of a wall, even if you have the color and sheen perfectly matched. The new spots will not blend with the surrounding wall, and your touch-ups will continue to be visible. That's why it is better to paint a whole wall from corner to corner, where the line between new paint and old paint will not stand out.

Secondly, the color you love in a small dose in one location might not turn out to be ideal when it is applied to a whole wall, or a whole room. The lighting plays a crucial role in how a color feels, and the size and shape of the room can also impact the overall look. Before you buy all the color-matched paint for your room, you may want to talk with a professional house painter about how that color is likely to look in your space.

Your Local Painting Expert

If you’ve got a color picked, Williams Professional Painting Company will be happy to mix it for you, and apply it beautifully to your walls, creating the look you’ve always wanted in that room. You can call us at (860) 628-8923 if you have any questions, or click here to schedule a FREE estimate today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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