Enhance Your Kitchen with a New Paint Color

Enhance Your Kitchen with a New Paint Color

Why should you paint your kitchen?

With spring here and the weather starting to warm up, we are all ready to freshen up our houses inside and out. There’s a lot you could do to improve your house, and it’s often hard to know where to start. How about your kitchen? After all, the kitchen is in many ways the heart of the home. You enjoy spending time at meals with family and inviting guests into your home. Painting the kitchen is a simple way to bring energy and brightness into your house with this new season.

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So many options

There are many options when it comes to painting anything, however, there are some extra ones when you’re painting a kitchen. One thing to consider is the cabinets. Do you want to paint them? How about your ceiling? For some ideas in that direction, check out our blog Should I Paint My Ceiling? What Color Should I Paint It?

Then, of course, there is the question of what color you should paint your kitchen walls. The brainstorming process can be fun; take your time! You could look at Houzz or a similar site for ideas.

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What’s already in your kitchen?

As you plan your kitchen painting project, it’s important to keep in mind what your kitchen already has in it; appliances, light fixtures, flooring, and so on. You won't want to choose paints that will clash with them unless you’re ready to redo your whole kitchen.

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Choosing paint for your kitchen is not a life choice

It can be overly stressful choosing paints if you are thinking about the next twenty years. Choose a color that you like now, and you can always paint your kitchen again later. Enjoy the colors that you like now, rather than live with a color you don’t like for the sake of some time in the future when your tastes might change.

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Should I do it myself?

It could seem like a good idea to try to paint your kitchen yourself, but are there things you want to think about before launching into the project?

  • Time: A painting contractor can finish the project in much less time than most homeowners, meaning fewer days with an out-of-order kitchen.
  • Quality: It's hard to compare an average do-it-yourself paint job with the kind of work a professional painter can do. Painting around cabinets and appliances can be a challenge!
  • Supplies: Unless you happen to own a full line of professional painting tools and supplies, you will likely end up running to the store for a lot of sundries. Call a painting contractor, and they already have all the materials they need.

Bearing all this information in mind, it is probably best to hire a professional contractor to paint your kitchen.

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