Paint Colors for Bedrooms: Restful Is Better

Paint Colors for Bedrooms: Restful Is Better

Everyone knows that choosing the right paint color for a room can make all the difference. The choice of color has a significant effect on the mood and feeling of a room. When you’re choosing paint colors for your bedroom, you want them not only to look good, but also make your bedroom a restful, calm place. But how do you do this? What colors should you choose?

General Tips for Creating a Restful Atmosphere in your Bedroom

There are many factors that affect the feeling of a room, like organization, decorations, and lighting. However, your paint choices might be one of the most important of those factors. Here are a few general paint color tips for promoting a restful atmosphere in your bedroom:

  • Choosing gentle paint colors is probably one of the most important things you can do.
  • Also important is not to use too many colors at once. This can be tempting since there are so many options. However, one color at a time is best, at least that you can see from your bed.
  • You might not think the paint finish for your bedroom makes a significant difference to the feel of it. It really does, though, and choosing a less glossy finish will make your room much calmer.

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The Right Restful Color for your Bedroom

The ideal color for a peaceful bedroom is a blue-gray, light grey, or lavender. Here are a few reasons they are the best choices:

  • All of these colors are very neutral
  • They are not associated with anything stressful (like red is associated with danger, or orange with construction)
  • These colors don’t reflect light; they absorb it. This makes a much more peaceful room, particularly when you’re starting to settle down for the night

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