Should I Use Flat Paint in a Bathroom?

Should I Use Flat Paint in a Bathroom?

Picking the paint sheen for your bathroom walls and ceiling may not be the most exciting part of redecorating, but it is crucial to the success of your paint job! The light-reflectiveness of your paint makes a huge difference to how it will look and perform, so let’s explore whether flat paint is a good sheen for your bathroom or not.

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How Paint Sheens Work

Different paint sheens have varying levels of gloss, which makes them shinier or less reflective. Generally, the shinier a paint sheen is, the more durable and wipeable it will be. However, you don’t want to be painting every bit of your house with ultra-high gloss paint... that would be overwhelming! There is a place for different paints in different rooms. The two things you want to consider when choosing a paint sheen are the amount of light a room gets, and the amount of traffic and moisture it will be exposed to.

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Will Flat Paint Work Well in a Bathroom?

Good question! The unfortunate answer is that it probably won’t work great. Bathrooms tend to be moist places, and flat or matte paint will begin to grow mold or mildew much faster than other paint sheens. Also, it doesn’t resist stains very well, and it is somewhat hard to clean. If you really want flat paint in your bathroom, it could work on your ceiling (especially if you have good ventilation), or if you buy flat paint specially designed for bathrooms (a slightly more pricey option).

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What Paint Sheen Should I Use in My Bathroom?

Here are several different interior paint sheen options you can consider for use in bathrooms:

Eggshell: Eggshell paint is slightly more scrubbable than flat, but still probably not ideal for most bathrooms (unless it is specially-formulated for this).

Satin: Satin makes a good choice for relatively low-moisture bathrooms, as it is fairly durable. Because it is somewhat light-reflective, it can tend to show up surface flaws.

Semi-gloss or Gloss: Semi-gloss and gloss paint are both very durable and well suited for bathrooms because they are highly scrubbable. However, good surface preparation is required because high-gloss paint will highlight any imperfections.

Bathroom Paint: If you want to avoid high-gloss finishes, you might want to consider getting bathroom paint. Because it is designed for bathrooms, it is very moisture-resistant and anti-mildew. It is a more expensive way to go, but it means you could get low-gloss paint that would work as well as or better than regular, high-gloss paint.

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