Waterproofing Basement Walls in The D.C. Area

Waterproofing Basement Walls in The D.C. Area

This summer and fall in the greater D.C. area, we have probably all been reminded of the classic nursery rhyme which says, “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day”. While most of us prefer a sunny day, we all know that rain is necessary and good. But when it comes to the water that has been seeping (or flowing) into many basements, we definitely want it to go away—and stay away for good!

Water Damage

Water damage can be a big deal. Persistent musty odors, unsightly water stains, rotten wood, and mold are all possible consequences of having too much moisture in your basement. These in turn can lead to other serious problems. Mold can be a health hazard. Rotten wood can destroy the structural integrity of a building as well as attract termites. Keeping moisture out of every part of our houses, including basements, is an important priority for home owners.

One reason that many basements are damp is that water can seep through some types of building materials such as cinderblock and concrete. So, even if your basement does not have a specific leak or a primary point where water can enter, it may be able to slowly seep through the walls themselves. Of course, this is especially likely to happen where there are frequent heavy rains.

Thankfully, that is not the end of the story. There are great options to help keep water completely out of your home. You can enjoy a crispy-dry and clean basement! There are two main strategies that are effective in combating water seepage into your basement. These two strategies are most effective when they are used together.

Control Water Flow Outside Your Home

It is important to consult with your contractor about the slope or grade of the land around your home. Your contractor will be able to help you determine whether water is allowed to flow freely away from your house’s base, or whether it is pooling up around your home, where it is likely to find a way to seep into your basement. You may need to have drains installed, or have your yard graded to keep water away from your home. Once water is not allowed to flow toward your foundation and pool around your home, the likelihood of water seeping into your home is greatly reduced.

The other exterior part of this puzzle is to make sure your gutters and downspouts are doing their job correctly, so that water is channeled as far from your home as possible.

Waterproofing Your Walls

The next step is put a waterproof coating on your basement walls. No matter how well your land is sloped away from your home, there is sure to be some moisture that makes its way to your basement walls. There are many different options for materials that can be applied to your home’s walls to ensure that moisture does not make its way inside. Waterproofing basement walls from inside is sometimes a good option. A professional painting contractor will be able to help you choose which type of waterproofing material will work best for your walls. It is important that the type of waterproofing or sealer that you use is appropriate for the material that your wall is composed of.


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