How Does Rain Affect Exterior Painting?

How Does Rain Affect Exterior Painting?

There are some things that we know we can’t do in the rain. Mowing the lawn, reading a book in a hammock, and exterior house painting all fall into the category of things we postpone when it rains. Once the rain has passed, how soon can you pick up a brush and put a coat on your walls? Is it OK to paint your home exterior soon after a rain?

Fresh Paint and Damp Wood Are Not Friends!

If there is moisture inside the surface you are about to paint, you are likely to end up with a disaster on your hands! The moisture has numerous ways it can cause the fresh paint to fail, whether by bubbling, blistering, or peeling, or simply by preventing the paint from drying in an attractive, even manner.

Completing exterior painting soon after a rainstorm is just not worth the risk. The most probable result is that your investment will backfire:

  • The time you spent painting will be wasted, as you’ll need to paint again.
  • The money you spent on the paint will be wasted, since you’ll need to buy new paint.
  • You may even be worse off than you were before you started, since the failed paint may need to be removed before you can try again (a costly, labor-intensive process).

How Long Do You Have to Wait after the Rain before Painting?

The key to determining when you can paint is to evaluate how dry the wood is. If you have older wood or aged paint, and heavy winds were driving the rain against your house, it may take 3-4 sunny days before the siding is dry enough to paint. However, if your previous coating is in good shape, and you get a light drizzle without wind in the morning, the siding might not absorb any moisture at all, and you could be fine to paint in the afternoon.

Working with a Professional Painting Company

If you have an exterior house painting project scheduled with a local house painter, you need to be aware that rain will unavoidably delay your project. A responsible painter will communicate with you clearly about this, so that you know what to expect if rain makes painting impossible.

One of the advantages to working with a professional house painter is that they can help you evaluate the dryness of your siding, taking the guesswork out of it for you. Because a reputable painting company will stand behind their work, they will not do a painting project when the conditions are unsuitable.

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