Should I Paint my Interior Wooden Stairs?

Should I Paint my Interior Wooden Stairs?

Many homes feature wooden stairways that were beautiful showcases when they were first created, but now their glory has faded and it’s time for a change. If this describes a set of stairs in your house in Northern Virginia or the D.C. area, you’re definitely not alone! All it needs is a fresh look, and one option for giving your stairs a fresh start is to paint them. Let’s look at whether or not this is the best option for your steps.

Why Should I Paint my Wooden Stairs?

Painting your wooden stairs is a fairly inexpensive and easy way to completely change the look of your staircase! There are lots of different color options, and it can be exciting to try something new. You can give it a timeless, classic look, or go for something more modern and trendy. Just about any (reasonable) color choice will look better than that aged, worn-out wood finish.

Are Painted Stairs too Slippery?

One problem with painted stairs is that they can be slipperier than carpeted stairs, or even plain hardwood steps. This doesn’t need to stop you from doing it, however, because you can add a slip-resistant additive to the paint. This gives it a little bit of texture, and creates a little more friction, thus making it less slippery and dangerous. If you choose to paint your wooden steps, you will probably want to consider this.

Do Painted Stairs Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Another potential issue with painted stairs is that they can begin looking dingy or scuffed-up quicker than other options. This is true, but there are some things you can do to help them stay looking good. One of these is that when you are choosing a color to paint them, darker colors will show less dirt markings. Also, you can gently clean painted steps with warm water and a washcloth.

What Color Should I Paint My Stairs?

If you decide to paint your steps, then you get to make another exciting decision; you get to choose a color! The most classic options are either white or a dark color, like black or very dark brown, but don’t let that limit you. Use Google Images or Pinterest to browse online for painted stair ideas, or ask your local painting company for some suggestions. You can paint wooden stairs any color you want to, but you need to consider where they will be visible from, and how those colors will coordinate with the connecting spaces. Also, you will generally pick two colors; one for the risers (the vertical boards) and another for the treads (the steps themselves).

Would a Runner Work Well?

If you have painted stairs, a carpet runner is another way to add visual interest, reduce the slip risk, and make a more comfortable walking surface. The advantage to this is that it should be cheaper than carpeting the whole stairwell, and you get to enjoy the wood surfaces as well as the carpet.

Should I Paint My Stairs Myself?

The process of painting can be harder and more time consuming than it looks, and stairs present a greater challenge. You need to make sure you have the right materials that will be extra durable and slip-resistant, but you also need to take the time for thorough surface preparation. Additionally, there are so many angles and lines that it takes a great deal of time (and tape) to get it looking sharp and attractive.

On the other hand, if you hire a quality local painting company, the time and hassle are taken off your shoulders, and you can enjoy the lasting, professional results you were dreaming of when you imagined this project!

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