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Commercial Roof Coatings for the Washington, D.C. Region

Commercial Roof Coatings for the Washington, D.C. Region

One of the most common features of commercial properties in the Washington, D.C. region is the flat or low-slope roof. From “big-box stores” and warehouses to office buildings and schools, all kinds of commercial buildings utilize this simple and effective design. The primary purpose of a roof, of course, is to keep out the weather, and in the case of a flat roof, this requires high-quality commercial roof coatings.

What Are the Characteristics of Commercial Roof Coatings?

Just like there is with commercial paint, there is a huge variety in roof coatings. However, there are two major traits that all roof coatings share: flexibility and impermeability. 

Flexibility is vital for a commercial roof coating because all building materials experience shifts and changes with weather fluctuations. A brittle, inflexible roof coating would quickly crack, allowing water entry and causing many problems.

Impermeability, or the ability to prevent water intrusion, is the most important quality in any roofing system. No matter what type of commercial roof coating you use, whether it is acrylic, asphalt, polyurethane, silicone, or any other material, you can be assured it is waterproof! 

Other properties of commercial roof coatings vary according to their ingredients and their intended purposes:

Commercial Roof Coating Application

When applying commercial roof coatings in northern Virginia and the D.C. metro region, quality and safety are the two most important considerations. Quality involves proper surface preparation and cleaning, correct roof coating materials, and appropriate application techniques. 

Safety concerns during commercial roof coating projects include preventing harm to your employees and customers, harm to your facility, and harm to the crews who apply the coatings. It is important that all commercial painters use appropriate lifting equipment, ladders, harness systems, and scaffolding for a safe and successful roof coating job.

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