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Painting Photos: Using High-gloss Interior Paints

Painting Photos: Using High-gloss Interior Paints

Most people use flat paints on their ceilings, and frankly, this tends to feel... well, a bit flat! After all, most of us don't paint our ceilings thinking that they will be a highlight or masterpiece. That was not the case on this project, though. In this D.C. area home, we used a high-gloss paint to create a stunning ceiling, and even we have a hard time believing the end result!

Ultra-glossy Paints: Don't Try This at Home

One reason most interior walls are covered with a satin or eggshell sheen is that glossy paint is famous for highlighting flaws on walls. Any minute imperfections become magnified when all that light reflects off them. For that reason, if you are going to use glossy paints, you need to make extra sure you have an ultra-smooth surface. 

At Williams Professional Painting, we have the training and experience to carry out a high-end process like this. Products such as this one are extremely specialized, and any mistake is glaringly obvious.

Steps for a Glossy Interior Paint Project

Here is a quick overview of the steps we take when using this type of high-end paints:

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