Why Are Reviews So Important for Your Local Businesses?

Why Are Reviews So Important for Your Local Businesses?

These days especially, there has been a resounding call to “shop local.”

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and embody the American spirit in so many ways. One great idea and hard work can take someone anywhere - that’s how it should be.

In light of the devastating impact of COVID-19, we’ve encouraged all our friends and neighbors to keep supporting their local businesses, whether it’s an ice cream cone with your family, takeout, or a home service provider.

Today, we wanted to ask you to take it a step further. Would you share a review as well?

Why Reviews Matter

On one hand, reviews provide essential feedback. And, please notice that we didn’t say to only give 5-star reviews. If a local business earned 3 stars, that can be a learning opportunity. A responsible business owner will take it to heart and make changes that need to be made, or reach out to you to make things right.

On the other hand, a positive review can provide encouragement during difficult times. So, whether your experience needed improvement or exceeded all expectations, a thoughtful review is invaluable.

Ready to get technical?

Reviews can also help attract new business. Consistent feedback and engagement will help draw online traffic (people searching for services on the internet), and reinforce a business’ reputation. That means that your review will have a lasting impact.

A Few Minutes of Your Time Can Make a Big Difference

It doesn’t take long, but it’s a helpful thing to do. So, would you join us and think of your favorite local businesses, then set aside 10-15 minutes to write a few reviews? We know they’ll appreciate it!

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