Home Defense with Exterior Paint

 Home Defense with Exterior Paint

No, exterior paint will not protect your home against thieves, gangsters, or a zombie apocalypse, but your house paint does give you a different kind of defense. It gives your home a layer of security against the forces of nature that would otherwise degrade its structure and appearance! What are those villains, those destructive elements that want to invade your home and break it down piece by piece?

Water, sunlight, and bugs. That doesn't sound very threatening, does it? But water (including ice) causes rot, mold, mildew, and staining. Sunlight causes warping, twisting and cracking. And woodboring insects can undermine the structural integrity of a house at an alarming rate.

So, how does exterior paint serve as the defending superhero against the onslaught from these attackers?

Exterior Paint Is Water Resistant

Like a powerful shield, exterior house paint forms a barrier that repels rain, snow, ice, and even the airborne moisture in our humid Virginia summers. Along with their sidekick, Caulk, quality exterior paints prevent your wood siding and trim from absorbing the water that would otherwise be their downfall.

House Paint Is Flexible

No matter how much the seasonal temperature fluctuations cause your home to expand and contract, your exterior paint can handle the challenge! Engineered to be flexible, it will grow and shrink right along with the surfaces it is painted on. This prevents the cracking and peeling that would otherwise result.

Exterior Paint Resists Radiation

Just as the sun's light poses a danger to our skin, it also poses a danger to our homes. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes several types of deterioration to wood, metal, and vinyl. Exterior house paint provides a renewable layer of defense, keeping the materials underneath safe.

House Paint Keeps out Bugs

A healthy layer of house paint is effective at keeping carpenter bees and other woodboring insects from invading. Of course, it is only designed as a barrier on the surfaces it covers; it cannot be relied upon to keep out insects that enter by other means.

Don't Let Exterior Paint Wear Out

All that protective action takes a toll over time, and exterior paint does eventually wear out. If house paint is allowed to reach the point of failure, it is very labor intensive to remediate the situation. Instead, it is much better to repaint problem areas when they begin to show signs of wear, so that your paint keeps protecting your house as it should.

A local house painter can help you evaluate the state of your house paint so you can determine what it needs to keep up a strong defense. For those living in northern Virginia or the Washington, D.C. area, Williams Professional Painting is the name you can trust for superior painting services and exceptional customer service. To get your free estimate, use our online estimate request form or contact our office today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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