Indoor Painting Projects to Tackle This Winter

 Indoor Painting Projects to Tackle This Winter

If there is ever a time of year that we are most thankful for our homes, it's winter. Winter is the season of indoor activities and cozy fireside times. But a comfortable home needs a pleasant paint job. In this article, we are looking at a few good interior painting projects to make your living space the kind of place you don't want to leave.

4 Popular Interior Painting Projects

Ready for a little inspiration? Let’s go.

1. Bedroom Makeovers

Begin with where you begin (and end!) each day—your bedroom. Winter offers a fresh start, and what's better than waking up to a room that feels new and rejuvenated? Re-painting bedroom walls will do just that. Most people feel the negative impact of that frigid winter chill in more ways than one, so a warm-toned paint job can be a good option. This will serve to preserve the sun’s natural light and give you that extra cheer you need in the morning.

2. Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

Give your winter mugs a new home! Repainting kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to give your kitchen a fresh and updated look without the cost of a full renovation. Cabinets are more than just the background of your kitchen, they are one of the most used pieces of built-in furniture.

We recommend trusting your cabinet painting project to a painter with proven experience and a track record of success. There’s very little margin for error here, and you want those finishes to be durable and beautiful.

3. Bathroom Painting

Often overlooked, bathrooms are those small pockets of space that can greatly benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to completely transform a bathroom or bring it back to its former glory, all you need is a little spare time and a little extra paint. Bathrooms have a few characteristics you should consider:

Moisture: Most bathrooms (especially half/full bathes) see quite a bit more moisture than other rooms. Choose an indoor paint that will hold up to prolonged exposure to humidity.

Stains: Despite your effort (and cleaner) some stains are just there to stay. If you don’t plan on priming the whole bathroom, at least give those stains a coat of primer to keep them from showing through your final product.

Ventilation: Getting a good air flow can be tricky in some bathrooms. If there is a fan make sure it’s not only on but that there is an open door or window somewhere in the house to draw air from.

4. Planters and Pots

Just because it’s winter doesn't mean you can’t have the joy of planting flowers. If you are a year-round plant enthusiast consider giving your planters a fresh coat of paint. Painting pots can be a fun craft-like activity but it can also be a good way to integrate your potted plants into the overall design of your home’s interior. Using leftover paint from your last interior paint job is a great way to preserve it and ensure a perfect match between the pots and interior walls. But what if you don't want your plants to blend in? Use a vibrant or contrasting color of paint to make them a quick eye-catcher!

Looking for Professional Interior Painters?

As winter sets in, the feeling of outside change is inevitable; why not bring a little change to your home’s interior with a touch of paint? If you need help considering any other interior painting project or help carrying it out, Williams Professional Painting comes with over 40 years of experience and a concern for the beauty of your home. Contact us with any further questions!

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