Painting Projects to Finish Before the Holidays

 Painting Projects to Finish Before the Holidays

Winter is just around the corner! And in Northern Virginia and the DC area, that means the task of decorating shops, street corners, and (most importantly) homes is underway. Stringing lights and hanging ornaments are among the holiday’s most satisfying activities, but we’re not quite there yet! In the meantime, this season provides the perfect opportunity to work on projects you will not only enjoy during the holidays, but well beyond them.

Why Start Painting Projects Now?

There are many advantages to beginning your interior painting projects before the busy holiday season sets in. In fact, there's probably more than you’d expect. Before you put your next painting project toward the bottom of your priorities list, keep a few things in mind:

  • Time Efficiency: Undertaking painting projects before the holiday rush ensures that you have ample time to complete the task without feeling rushed or stressed. It also allows for any unexpected delays or touch-ups that may be needed.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Professional painters tend to have more availability leading up to the holiday season. Booking your project in advance gives you the flexibility to choose a convenient time for the work to be done.
  • Reduced Disruption: Completing painting projects before the holidays means you won't have to navigate around wet paint or deal with the odor of fresh paint during your celebrations.

Interior Painting Projects for the Holidays

 Painting Projects to Finish Before the Holidays

Okay, now that we’ve settled the question on why this is the ideal time for interior painting, let's look at a few ideas:

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is already a popular place to be, but the winter season only makes it more so. Giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint will make it stand out as a place not just of good aromas and tastes but also of appearance! Because the kitchen is such a well used space, it's important to choose a time that’s less busy, allowing the paint to dry before putting all your appliances back.

2. Living Rooms

As the primary gathering space, your living room deserves special attention. With winter coming, consider taking the opportunity to make your interior as cozy and warm as you can. You may be surprised how effective a change of color can be in creating a pleasant atmosphere.

3. Cabinets and Shelves

Whether it’s in reaching for your favorite book or your go-to mug, shelves and cabinets are among the most practically used household features. Consequently they are also the first to show their wear. The good news is it doesn't take a whole refurbishing to make them look new again, just a fresh coat of paint.

4. Guest Rooms

There is nothing more inviting than a clean, freshly painted room. With the increased possibility of guests over the holidays, now's a good time to touch up guest bedrooms and bathrooms.

5. Ceiling and Trim

Often overlooked, ceiling and trim contribute a lot to the overall appearance of a room. Painting white baseboards that are dirty or scuffed will significantly add to the overall feeling of cleanliness. Ceilings also can tend to get nicks or stains over the years, so a fresh coat of paint will have a similar effect.

Special Holiday-Inspired Elements

Completely re-painting walls is a great way to transform living spaces and get them ready for the holiday, however it's not the only way. You can also get creative with wall murals, holiday-themed stencil art, or even seasonal quotes; adding a unique feature to

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