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Arturo Rodas

Arturo Rodas

Arturo Rodas


My name is Juan Arturo Rodas, and I was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. I started painting in 2000 when I first came to live in the United States. I have two beautiful daughters. My youngest is 13 years old and my oldest is 15; they are my greatest joy.

I decided to become a painter thanks to my cousin who gave me the motivation I needed, and once I started I haven’t been able to stop. I worked for several other companies over the years until I finally found Williams Professional Painting in November of 2010. I have enjoyed meeting and working with many clients over the years, and find great satisfaction adding color to people’s lives. The things I like the most about this company are the importance they give to their employee’s safety as well as the support they give their employees for personal growth. This company also has great customer service!

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