Time to Grill!

Happy 4th of July! The festivities for so many of us included a favorite American pass-time: grilling. By 4:00 PM on Independence Day the delightful scent of barbecue wafted up and down most every street in the country, as citizens fired up their gas and charcoal grills.

While grilling is a great way to bond with family and friends (not to mention our favorite method of preparing steaks), it can also cause some serious damage to your home without some simple precautions. Damage to your siding and exterior paint are the most common and of course the risk of fire. Vinyl siding can warp and bend when exposed to the heat and the paint behind a grill can also chip and peel off very easily - you just need to make sure not to position that grill too close to your home.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that all grills be at least 10 feet from your home. This is especially important if you have your grill on your deck, where your grill may find itself positioned up against an exterior wall.

Of course it goes without saying that fire prevention should always be front of mind. Never throw hot coals into a trash can, take proper precautions when using and storing propane and never use a outdoor grill inside your home for any reason.

Enjoy grilling this Summer! We sure will...

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