Ideas for Choosing and Protecting Bathroom Paint

Ideas for Choosing and Protecting Bathroom Paint

The bathroom really is a unique room in your house. Sure, the larger rooms tend to win the popularity contest (after all, the living room has the TV!), but all the while your bathroom plods along faithfully, doing what it’s designed to do.

And yet, at the same time, it has huge opportunity for style! You can have a lot fun with bathroom painting, staying inside the bounds of traditional looks or thinking way outside the box with creative paint colors and design.

Regardless of which direction you take, it is very important to carefully consider both what kind of bathroom paint is best for you, as well as how to preserve it once it’s on the walls.

Bathroom Paint Considerations

  • Choosing the right gloss - High-gloss paint is typically very durable, easily standing up to scrubbing and drying, but it also shows imperfections in your wall. A semi-gloss is a good option; sturdy, but also forgiving.
  • Do you need specialized bathroom paint? - Especially if you like a good, steamy shower, using a specialized formula that can resist mold and mildew might be a good idea. If yours is a half-bath, on the other hand, or maybe a second bathroom that isn’t used very often, a bathroom-specific paint shouldn’t be necessary.
  • Ventilation - The value of a powerful ventilation system can’t be overstated. Air exchange will help to keep your paint fresh, and lower the risk of harm due to condensation and trapped, steamy air.
  • Lighting - If you have quality bathroom paint, why let shadows and dark corners hide your colors, or create the illusion of there being different hues? Even, bright lighting will help your walls to shine.

Do You Need a Professional Painter?

Asking a qualified, professional painting company for help has a couple of key benefits: you’ll receive any help you might need with color selection, the best products will be used, and you won’t need to worry about the hassle of edging around all those fixtures! If you live in Virginia, Maryland, or the D.C. area, we hope you will reach out to us at Williams Professional Painting!

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