Interior Painting Tips - Keeping Your Lines Clean

Interior Painting Tips - Keeping Your Lines Clean

As much fun as interior painting might be (well, at least we think it is!), there are always aspects that some people might enjoy more than others. For instance, your favorite part might be stepping away from the wall, collecting your equipment, and seeing what the finished product really looks like. That fresh, gleaming accent wall is a thing of beauty.

Or, maybe you like planning; pouring over swatches is your idea of fun, and wondering what each tiny little square of color could look like spread across your walls.

For others, it’s the detail work. Moving that brush with careful precision, keeping the bristles just a whisper away from trim, cabinets, or flooring. To be honest, this kind of detail painting is most often the least enjoyable part for homeowners. After all, it takes skill, practice, and a steady hand!

How Do You Cut In Around the Edges?

With this technical, detail painting in mind, here are a few tips to help you grow your skill and confidence:

  • Keep a bright workspace - Shadows add an unnecessary level of difficulty to interior painting
  • Choose your brush wisely - An angled sash brush is ideal for this kind of work
  • Keep complete control - Holding your brush in the same way that you would hold a pen or pencil will help you to keep optimum stability and control
  • Load your brush - Not too much and not too little! Dip your bristles about a third of the way into your paint, then carefully dab the sides against the inside of your container
  • Brush off excess first - Before you attempt that delicate line, brush one stroke a couple of inches away from it. This will help to eliminate any unnecessary paint that could spread further than you would like it to.

One Final Tip: Ask a Professional Painter for Help!

This is a guaranteed method for enjoying a quality finish without ever lifting a brush! Research painters near you, keeping an eye out for quality work and satisfied customers. If you live in Virginia, Maryland, or DC, we hope you’ll reach out to us at Williams Professional Painting! It would be our pleasure to help however we can, from color consultation to the finished product.

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