Interior Painting Tips - What Are Low Odor and Low-VOC Paints?

Can you believe that winter is almost here? Yesterday you were mowing your lawn and maybe tackling the odd exterior painting project here and there, but now the opportunity for outdoor work is starting to fade (at least we didn’t say you’ll be shoveling snow soon, right?).

If you’re like a lot of folks, you might be turning your attention to indoor projects now. How does your interior paint look? Maybe there’s a space or two that could use a little refreshing, brightening, or be rewrapped in some new style.

The one disadvantage to interior painting during the colder seasons is that you can’t easily throw your windows open for ventilation. Depending on your home's layout and what room your project is in, that might not be a big deal. But if it is for any reason, don’t let it slow you down! There are some great alternative paint options for you out there.

What Is Low and Zero-VOC Paint?

If you enjoy chemistry you can really dig into the definition of what these kinds of paint offer. The short version, however, is that VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC’s are created and dispersed into the air by a number of sources (both natural and man-made), and some are more damaging to our health and the environment than others.

VOC’s are generally used in the solvent that helps to keep paint in a liquid state. After all, nobody has really ever been excited to open a can of paint and find a solid rather than a liquid! When the paint is applied, the VOC’s evaporate, and in turn the paint can dry fully.

The direct benefit of low-VOC paint is that it has less of an odor, cutting down drastically on that “new paint” smell. So why not let your creative juices flow and have some fun with your painting projects this fall and winter?

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