Choose the Best Interior Paint Colors to Fight the Winter Blues!

Choose the Best Interior Paint Colors to Fight the Winter Blues!

No matter how big a fan you are of winter, eventually it can start to feel a little… bit… long… The days are short, the air holds an icy chill, and you might already be growing tired of slipping every day on that same patch of ice outside where you work.

First, we’d like to encourage you to soak up this chilly season for all its worth and enjoy it. Especially during the holidays, there is a lot of fun to be had with family and friends when you actively look for the opportunities.

But, since we live in a world of paint, we thought it might be a timely season for sharing some tips about how to brighten the spaces that matter to you through your interior paint and decoration decisions. Color choice is a powerful thing! While it won’t make the numbers larger on your thermostat, it can make your mood and outlook warmer; sometimes that’s even more important!

Choosing Interior Paint Strategically

  • Cold Colors - When you think of winter, what colors come to mind? Aside from white snow, icy blue and grey are prominent. Remove these as much as possible from your home or office pallette. They can elicit feelings of cold and depression.
  • Add Warmth - Red, orange, yellow, and all the family members in that spectrum are an asset, and should be added to your environment. If you like a particular hue that is too strong for an entire room, how about painting an accent wall?
  • Plant Life - Believe it or not, a plant on a desk or kitchen table adds a sense of spring and life.
  • Activity - Even though this isn’t color-related, it’s too valuable to leave out: add a brisk walk or some form of activity to your day! It releases endorphins, thus reducing stress.
  • Make Your Paint Pop - Invest in some extra lighting during this darker season to not only show off your interior paint, but also to eliminate shadows that can lower your mood.

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