Behind-the-Scenes at a Painting Contractor's Office - Amy Lopez

This guest post was written by our very own (and very appreciated) Amy Lopez, Assistant Office Manager. Enjoy!

I knew there would be more to this position than answering phones and scheduling appointments, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Often times I find it safer not to have expectations; to forget about the uncertainty and simply apply myself and do the best that I can.

Most pay for their education in business and administration. I like to think I dove right into a real-world crash course.

I have learned that it helps to maintain an agile mind. There are many things to address during the day, but our phones are a top priority. Any other tasks being juggled when that phone rings are put on pause. Being able to mentally hop from processing a payment to scheduling an estimate, then back to finishing and sending that important email is of paramount importance.

I have learned that scribbling written notes about everything that goes on is as important as making use of technology when it comes to aiding my inherently flawed human memory. I make these little notes to myself as I simultaneously power through job costing, billing, creating customer files, addressing customer replies, correcting employee hours, you name it, all while taking calls in-between and tackling anything they bring. It is a challenge that has allowed me to recognize and appreciate my own potential and that of our brains in general.

This is especially true when I must also hop from English to Spanish.

I did not expect to be a part of such a rapidly-growing company. It has not even been 19 months since I was brought on, yet I’ve witnessed so much progressive change and welcomed a lot of new faces. Working here means going with the flow. Every day is something of a surprise, and that I can expect.

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