Dryfall Paint: Commercial Painting for Northern Virginia

Dryfall Painting: Fast Commercial Painting for High-Traffic Areas

This video is for a dryfall paint product from the UK.

Typically here in Northern Virginia we would use a McCormick, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williamsproduct, depending on the color choice and type of application.

However, the steps and benefits of the dryfall paint product is the same regardless of the brand.

Easy Preparation

Easy means “easier,” especially when compared to removing merchandise or equipment from areas to be painted. It is very important to completely seal off the areas to be sprayed.

However, when properly done, the sheets of plastic can be installed, the work performed, and cleanup completed overnight, or sometimes even between shifts.

This is another reason why dryfall painting is popular in food manufacturing, sensitive production line environments and high-traffic commercial spaces where shut down or closing is not an option.

At minute 1:05 you see the installation of the plastic barriers.

Protection Is Simple

Cover fixtures, seal the area floor to ceiling with plastic, and tape off exposed pipework or elements to remain uncoated.

With our experienced painters doing this step thoroughly, the result is a quick and efficient cleanup afterwards.

It is very important to dust, clean, sand or scrub the beams, ceiling or surfaces to be coated. If there is exposed metal after the scraping and cleaning is done, a primer like SEAL Grip Acrylic primer can be used before the final coat of dryfall paint is applied.

Overspray Is Not a Problem

In minute 1:58 you can see the advantage of dryfall painting. Any overspray turns to dust by the time it hits the floor. This allows the painters to move quickly and prevents drips normally caused by other types of paint.

There Is a Technique

An experienced dryfall painter will move quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in applying commercial coatings with sprayers. Painting with smooth, even movements and maintaining proper distance for even coverage are some of the specifics our commercial painters are calculating as they work.

Although used in an indoor location here, dryfall is also a great product to use on outdoor environments where the risk of overspray may damage adjacent structures or parked vehicles.

2:23 shows the before and after effect of this unique commercial paint product.

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