Eight Amazing Chalkboard Painting Ideas For Your Home And Business

Eight Amazing Chalkboard Painting Ideas For Your Home And Business

Today we want to talk about chalkboard paint, the popular interior decorating trend that is here to stay. If you have not seen chalkboard paint featured in a Northern, VA home or business yet, where have you been hiding? It is literally everywhere these days and rightfully so. It is an easy to apply wall paint that comes in a variety of paint colors and adds fun and function to your home or business.

Have you tried it yet? What’s holding you back? Here are eight amazing painting tips to use chalkboard paint in your home or business that will add creativity, whimsy, and organization to your space.


  1. Cabinet Doors- Looking for a place to jot down your grocery lists or communicate the menu plan to your family? Consider painting one of your cabinet doors with chalkboard paint and give yourself a space to organize all your lists or favorite recipes.
  2. Bedroom doors- Need a place to jot messages to your family members that will flow with your interior decorating? Try painting a bedroom door with chalkboard paint, or style your closet doors as message boards.
  3. Playroom- What better way to keep your kids from drawing on the walls than to give them a space to do exactly that? Use chalkboard wall paint to allow your little ones to let their inner artist loose all over your playroom walls.
  4. Refrigerator- We know it sounds crazy, but you CAN paint your refrigerator. If your fridge does a great job keeping your food cold but looks terrible, spruce it up with chalkboard interior paint. Use a magnetic primer first to ensure it can still hold up all your essential lists and priceless artwork.


  1. Quotes & Branding- Use creative frames or wall space to communicate quotes and phrases that capture your business’s branding. Better yet, give your customers a space to jot down their favorite quotes and gain a sense of connectedness with your brand.
  2. Sales & Promotions- Chalkboard walls are an obvious and stylish place to display your sales, specials, and upcoming promotions to your customers.
  3. Social Sharing- Want your customers to check you out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Let them know by featuring your social media info prominently in view of your checkout or reception area so they can follow you while they wait.
  4. Calendar of Events- Have a special promotion or calendar of events you’d like your customers to be aware of? Use chalkboard interior paint and tape to create a wipeable, trendy wall calendar which will communicate exactly that.

We do our best to stay up to date with all the latest painting trends and paint colors and would love to consult with you on how to implement them in your home or business. Check out our portfolio of commercial and residential spaces and then give us a call to schedule an estimate with one of our professional painters. Our savvy team of painters can come in and get the job done in no time so that you can love your Washington, DC area home even more than you already do.

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