How Do I Find an Honest Painter? Looking for a Paint Contractor in Alexandria, Va.

How Do I Find an Honest Painter? Looking for a Paint Contractor in Alexandria, Va.

In today's world of online reviews and polished images it is sometimes difficult to know who you will deal with on your painting project. Online reviews can sometimes be deleted or altered, or non–existent. Your mailbox and inbox have a variety of companies wanting to paint and service your home exteriors, interiors or workplace. Here are some good rules of thumb to find a reliable paint contractor.

What Do I Look for in a Painting Contractor?

  • Know the team. Is the estimator you met and liked going to be involved in the production of the job? Knowing how closely a sales team works with production shows a lot about quality control and the culture of the company. A sales force that knows the field technicians shows a team mentality, and will result in a consistent experience throughout your project. There is nothing wrong with sub-contractor crews, but it is a good question to ask so you know what to expect.
  • Ask for insurances and licenses. This is a given, but can reveal a lot about the efficiency and organization of the company. Asking whether licenses are held is not just good practice, if they can produce them promptly it shows they are organized and prepared. Some companies even post this information online.
  • Look for other people's experiences. Unless you have the benefit of a referral, you may have to search for reviews of the contractor. Even negative reviews can show the caliber of the contractor; did he respond graciously and professionally? A one star review from certain clients can be a five star review in quality when you see the entire situation.

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