Make a Statement With Wall Paint: The Wonderful World of Accent Walls

Make a Statement With Wall Paint: The Wonderful World of Accent Walls

Color is a beautiful thing and we all have our favorite shades, but it can be intimidating when you want to use it boldly in your wall painting choices. Perhaps you want to define your living room space by creating a focal wall, or add a bold feature to your bedroom that will bring personality and style into your nightly retreat. Accent walls are the ideal solution to accomplish all these goals in your Northern VA home; they add color without being overwhelming, create definition and give the eye a natural focal point.

Here are a few ideas to bounce around as you consider enhancing your home with an accent wall.

Bold and Bright- Accent walls are a clever way to use bold paint colors in your home decorating because they allow you to make a statement without overwhelming the room. They create a clear definition in your space and are ideal for naturally highlighting your home’s architectural features. If you’re feeling a little intimidated in selecting an accent wall color, visit our design center for sage advice and direction.

Soft and Subtle- Bold accent walls are not for everyone, so another way to use accent walls wisely is to introduce a complimentary paint color into your room. Select a hue that is only a few shades darker than the wall paint you are currently using throughout the room to create definition and subtly highlight your room’s best features.

Looking for color inspiration? Consider a loved piece of art, curtains or even a favorite sweater. What shades draw you in and inspire you? Odds are they would do the same as an accent wall in your home.

Wallpaper- Dated wallpaper is out, but trendy new prints are absolutely in. Feature a textured accent wall in your home decorating by using a modern geometric print or a soft floral. Wallpaper is an easy, playful way to add color and style to your favorite space.

Stripes and Stencils- Want a little whimsy with your house paint? Give stencils or stripes a try. Using painters tape or stencil kits, you can easily take your wall painting up a notch and add color and texture using your favorite paint colors and patterns. Be sure to use a level and press painters tape in well to achieve clean lines and perfect results.

We love color here at Williams and we can consult with you on how to express your personal style by featuring accent walls. No project is too big or too small for our savvy team of professional painters so give us a call or request an estimate. Let us partner with you on transforming your Alexandria, VA home with paint and patterns that speak to you and elicit joy each and every time they catch your eye.

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