Tips for Making a Dark Room Feel Brighter

Tips for Making a Dark Room Feel Brighter

Are you frustrated by having a room with incredible potential, but that is just too dark? Maybe it was poorly designed and includes windows that don’t let in optimal light, or maybe it’s a case of having too few windows for the size of the space. Or, worst of all, you might have no source of natural light at all.

So, what can you do?

Don’t give up! There are some interior painting and design strategies you can try that will either optimize the light you do have, or at the very least brighten things up without the help of a window. Take a look at the ones we’ve shared below!

Choosing Interior Paint to Brighten a Room

Perhaps the biggest difference you can make is through the use of interior paint. Avoiding dark colors will go a long way toward not only making your room feel brighter and airier, but also larger.

This doesn’t mean that you need to default to white. What would be the fun in that? There are a lot of happy mediums you can pick from; natural, light colors that are still warm and unique but also reflect and amplify the light, rather than soak it up.

Strategic Design

Believe it or not, including some reflective decorations will help to make your room feel larger by creating the illusion of more light and space. There are a lot of cool design options too! You could even buy a mirror and then build a frame to put around it as a fun, customized, do-it-yourself project.

Or, why not fake a window? You can find an old, rustic window very inexpensively, and by wiring LED lights behind it you can simultaneously create a really unique design piece and a source of soft, warm light.

Make the Most of Your Lighting

Instead of working with an overhead that allows for one pool of illumination and too many dark corners, try including track lighting as well. That way you can point the light where you need it most and spread it evenly around the room.

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