Which Kind of Interior Paint Is the Best in Alexandria, VA?

Which Kind of Interior Paint Is the Best in Alexandria, VA?

We completely understand that sometimes the idea of painting your house, inside or out, can feel a little overwhelming. After doing some research you might find that there are a lot of options, and a crowd of decisions knocking on your door that need to be made. Color is certainly one of them, as well as timing, which specific brand of paint to choose, and of course, what kind of paint.

To help clarify some of the terminology you might hear floating around, we thought we’d discuss a few of the most common terms and shed a little light on them for you.

What Exactly Are Flat, High-Gloss, Satin, and Eggshell Paints?

Let’s take a brief look at each of these and see what they offer:

  • Flat Paint - Flat interior paint means that there is very little reflectivity because of the specific nature of the formula. This kind of paint is most commonly used on ceilings since it isn’t very shiny, and also because it is quick to scuff and show marks.
  • Satin, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss - These can be grouped together because, while they are definitely not interchangeable, they do share some similarities. All three offer more of a sheen than flat paint, meaning their reflectivity and brightness is a little higher, and they also are more durable (not as quick to scuff) than lower-sheen options. Unfortunately, however, they tend to show imperfections in the wall more easily than the smooth, forgiving covering that flat paint provides. Because of that, more surface preparation is generally required to have that smooth, perfect finish.
  • High-Gloss - This is the most unforgiving paint option, but it also does provide a rugged, washable surface. You might find semi-gloss and high-gloss paint in a bathroom or kitchen, for example, where it needs to be able to stand up to splashes, scrubbing, and general wear and tear. You also can use this kind of paint to highlight accents in a room, such as architectural features that are worthy of a little extra “pop.”

Think of it this way: the higher you climb the ladder of sheen, the paint will grow incrementally more rugged, reflective, and quick to make imperfections stand out.

Which Is the Most Popular Kind of Interior Paint?

The prize for most-used interior paint would go to either satin or semigloss since it provides a middle ground between extremes. Ultimately, however, the choice is going to be based completely on your project and what will best meet your home’s needs and your stylistic goals.

Do You Need a Professional Painter?

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