​Working at Williams Professional Painting: A Behind-the-Scenes Perspective

​Working at Williams Professional Painting: A Behind-the-Scenes Perspective

About the Author: Yanize Justiniano is our fantastic office manager. She diligently and skillfully coordinates scheduling, human resources, and portions of the accounting department as well.

Working for Williams Professional Painting has helped me a lot in my professional growth. When I first started I didn't really know what it took to run a business. After working as the office manager here for over 5 years, I realize that having or being a part of a business is like having a baby: you have to take care of it and make sure that it grows to its potential, and that kind of nurturing care is a huge aspect of my job. I love dealing with customers and helping them schedule their work while providing them with all necessary information about their projects. I acknowledge that sometimes certain situations can be difficult, but there is a special kind of satisfaction that comes from working through an issue and making sure our clients are thrilled.

Even though it might seem unbelievable, I enjoy doing the schedule for the guys in the field. This certainly is not because it is an easy undertaking, but because I know how hard they work and how much they care for their job. Therefore, when I assign them a new project it's like assigning a new mission, a very important mission: making our customers happy and painting their worlds beautiful. That’s at least how I see it. We are surely a team at Williams Professional Painting!

To me, Williams Professional Painting is my second home. I'm not just saying that. I also honestly feel that we have our own set of characters that could actually make a movie. Dave as the owner is the father figure who is always making sure everybody is doing well and has everything that is needed for their job to go smoothly. On the other hand we have Mary who is the mother figure. She's the person to go to for everything from putting together a plan to care for someone who’s out sick, to ordering something to decorate the office. Moreover, Rick is the older brother, always looking after the foremen and making sure they have everything they need and ask for. I like having the family environment in the office because I feel part of it.

Sometimes I'm not sure what character I play in this “movie”, but as the office manager my job has a bit of everything. Sometimes I'm the "miracle worker" or "fairy" who pleases everybody when it comes to the scheduling of their jobs (hey, if the customer is happy, I'm happy!). However, sometimes I'm the “bad guy” who has to implement rules and make sure they're followed. This is not my favorite role but, despite the hard parts, I enjoy being the office manager. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when at the end of the day my job has an effect on over 50 people, so it motivates me to strive to do better, and certainly nothing short of my best.

-Yanize Justiniano

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