5 Painting Project Ideas For a Free Day

5 Painting Project Ideas For a Free Day

Photo by Bryant Park Designs, LLC

Do you love the feeling of stepping back from a freshly finished painting project and admiring your handiwork? Updating tired or outdated spots around your home with paint can be incredibly satisfying, but sometimes the process, from picking out a color to the actual painting and clean up, can drag out longer than planned. If you’re itching to give someplace around your home a refresh and don’t want your project dragging out for days, we’ve got 5 painting projects you can complete in a free day.

Front Door

It is one of the first things visitors see when they come to your home, so why not make sure yours looks extra inviting? Pick a paint color that complements the existing colors of your home’s exterior and hardscaping to create a cohesive look. Or follow one of the strongest exterior painting trends of the last few years and paint your front door in a bold and exciting hue.

Garage Door

Maybe you don’t want to go as bright and bold with your garage door as you do with your front door, but this is an often overlooked area of your exterior that probably has seen better days. While it is bigger than your front using a paint roller after the initial cutting in makes this a quick and easy update.

Accent Wall

Have you been wanting to add a pop of color somewhere in your home? An accent wall is a quick and easy way to experiment with color in a room without committing to a complete overhaul. Pick a paint color that works well with current decorative elements like throw pillows or drapery, or cover a wall in your favorite shade and pick out a few new decorative accessories for an entire room refresh.

Built-in Bookshelves

If you are lucky enough to have built-in bookshelves, they can become beautiful focal points in a room with the right paint color. Paint the entire bookshelf, inside and out, in one color or paint only the back of the bookshelf in a contrasting color to highlight your collectables. Just remember to let the shelves dry completely before reloading them with your belongings!


A ceiling painted in a color other than white is an unexpected twist on an accent wall. If you’re concerned about the ceiling feeling low, choose a color with plenty of white in it. Pale blue is a great choice as it is reminiscent of the sky. Still not sure about breaking out from white ceilings? Here are more great paint color options to consider for the fifth wall in any room.

Tips for a Smooth Painting Project

Whatever you painting project you decide to tackle on a free day, make sure you’re setting yourself up for a stress-free process by following these tips:

  • Gather all your materials before you start. Paint, rollers, brushes, tape, etc.
  • Make sure the area you’re painting is clean and the surface properly prepared for the best adhesion. If you’re painting a wall or ceiling, move furniture out of the way and protect your belongings with drop cloths.
  • Be ready to handle messes as they happen. Use drop cloths, painters tape, and have rags ready to clean up drips or accidental spills.

Of course just because you have a free day doesn’t mean you need to spend it with a paintbrush in hand. Williams Professional Painting is happy to take care of your painting project for you with our painter for a day service. If you live in Northern Virginia or the Washington D.C. area, give us a call and let our professionally trained painters do the work for you.

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