Magical Painting Ideas For Your Hardworking Garage Door

Magical Painting Ideas For Your Hardworking Garage Door

As a child, garage doors seemed downright magical. We would watch from the backseat as our parents pushed a tiny button and abracadabra! The garage door of our home would rise, signaling that we were finally home. Now that we are all grown up and homeowners ourselves, we hardly notice our garage doors and we certainly do not consider them magical. We expect them to go up, come down and keep the leaves out... and if the battery in our remote needs to be replaced? Well, we tend to get a little whiny.

Even though they are no longer amazing, our garage doors are always working for us, and when it come to your Arlington, VA curb appeal, they are carrying some serious weight. When planning a cohesive look for your home’s exterior paint colors, you may have stopped to wonder: What am I supposed to do with my garage door?

If you stand in need of painting tips for your garage door, then buckle up! Today we are giving a free crash course in exactly that.

Exterior Paint Basics, The 3 Components

For starters, it helps to have a basic understanding of how exterior color schemes work. There are three basic components in play: your siding, your trim and your accents, which are typically your doors and shutters. As a rule, you want to play up the positive and interesting architectural features of your home and blend in, or downplay the mundane or negative aspects such as your gutters.

White and Bright

If you are working with white trim, you cannot go wrong with a crisp white garage door. Choosing white for your garage will help it blend in with your other exterior paint colors, giving you a fool-proof curb appeal with no regrets. If you still find yourself looking for a bit of visual interest for your garage, install a hardware kit to give it that carriage door look.

Natural Wood

Is your home blessed with a real-wood garage door? If so, using a natural wood stain instead of exterior paint will skyrocket your curb appeal. Wood or even faux-wood steel garage doors are both timeless and trendy and add an air of elegance to your home’s exterior.

Black and Classy

Black. It’s classy for a dress and the same goes for your garage door. Using black, beige or gray can add a bit of contrast against your trim. When correctly chosen, these exterior paint colors pair well with both natural brick and vinyl siding.

Color Happy

If you feel like incorporating color, you are in good company, there is a growing trend of homeowners using paint colors such as navy, dark green or aqua on their garage doors. If feeling led in this direction, it is a good idea to go online and use a color scheme visualizer to test out your ideas before implementation.

If you are struggling with your exterior color scheme or vexed on how to use paint colors to your home’s advantage, our paint color experts can help. They’re not technically magical, but after they finish consulting on your Arlington, VA home, you may refer to them as paint color wizards. Looking to refresh your home this spring? Give us a call. Our professional painters can help with your project from color selection to power washing, leaving you with cohesive curb appeal you will look forward to coming home to.

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