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5 Signs That It’s Definitely Time for Exterior Painting

5 Signs That It’s Definitely Time for Exterior Painting

“I think we can go another year...”

“It’s not peeling on all sides yet, just on the back. In fact, it still looks pretty good from the street!”

“Nah, we can get by for a while.”

“We might as well wait until it’s really, really bad. You know, get our money’s worth!”

Do any of the above sound familiar? If you’re like other homeowners here in the Northern Virginia area, you might just be pushing off your exterior painting project, perhaps using some of these same thought patterns.

In reality, this is a dangerous (and expensive) game to play. Especially the last one. Making your exterior paint suffer isn’t maximizing your investment, it’s creating a larger and larger-scale project.

Think of it this way. Which is easier: to change your car’s oil, or to pay for a new motor once a year?

The most cost-effective way to protect and enhance your home (and budget) is to invest in proactive, ongoing maintenance.

If These Symptoms Sound Familiar, It’s Time for Exterior Painting Services

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