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Tips for Using Black Paint Inside Your Home

Tips for Using Black Paint Inside Your Home

There was a time, not very long ago, when black wasn’t on anyone’s list of options for interior painting. That is beginning to change, however, and especially in recent months, we are beginning to see some exciting, beautiful uses of black interior paint. As it turns out, there are all kinds of ways to use black paint in the home!

Here are a couple of general considerations before we begin sharing ideas:

Where to Use Black Paint in the Home

A bold, yet moderate way to use black is as an accent. This could mean an accent wall, a ceiling, a black interior door, or black trim. Another idea is to paint a feature such as a fireplace surround or a built-in cabinet set.

When using black as an accent, just remember that it will draw the eye and become a focal point in the space. Make sure you use it in a part of the room that feels natural as a focal point, rather than a place that will feel off-balance.

Black can also be used as the main wall color in a room. If you go with this option, it is important to have significant contrasts. For example, light-colored furniture, a light rug, white curtains, or white trim would help bring balance in the room. A decorative mirror would be a striking piece of visual interest, and it would also help amplify the natural light in the room.

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If you use black interior paint, other colors in the room will be amplified by contrast. That being the case, you will want to choose those other colors with care. It’s not that they might not match the black (anything goes with black), but they might not be colors you want to emphasize that much. Small pops of bold colors, be they orange, blue, yellow, lime green, or anything, look phenomenal in a black room!

Interior Painting in the D.C. Area

If you would like to use black paint in your home, but you’re not sure where or how, Williams Professional Painting would love to help. We have a professional design center, and we can help you think through the options for your rooms. We can envision with you where the black will look best, and what other colors will go best with it.

Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington D.C. area, Williams Professional Painting is a fantastic choice for your interior house painting.

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