Can I Apply Deck Stain with a Roller? Deck Staining Tips

Can I Apply Deck Stain with a Roller? Deck Staining Tips

Some of us like to use the summer for traveling, golfing, swimming, or reading. Others of us use it to stain the deck! (Hopefully we make time for work and fun!). So when the weather is right and the preparation is done, what is the best way to apply your deck stain? Can you use a paint roller to apply the stain on the deck? The answer is “yes, but…”

But what? Well, here’s the thing: paint rollers are designed for rolling in a paint tray and then transferring the paint to a surface, where it leaves a film. Stains are a different consistency, and they should NOT be applied thickly enough to leave a film. Still, a paint roller is a useful part of staining your deck. Here is how many people use them.

  • Step 1: Spray the stain on a section of the deck with a garden sprayer. This helps you control exactly how much stain is applied to the surface.

  • Step 2: Roll the area with a paint roller on a 4-foot pole. This helps to spread the stain more evenly, since the tiny droplets from the sprayer might not spread out and soak in evenly.
  • Step 3: Use a paint brush to go over the board once more. The friction from the bristles will cause the pores of the wood to absorb more stain, which is exactly the goal.
  • Step 4: Continue the process on a new section of the deck, taking care to blend the areas where the two sections meet.

This process is a great way to get a smooth, rich-looking stain job on your deck, which will enhance its beauty and give it lasting protection. Remember, though, that you can’t start with the stain. It takes thorough preparation to get the deck in the proper shape for staining.

  • Kill mildew spores and clean the surface
  • Remove previous stains
  • Use a wood brightener
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Allow to dry completely

If you follow all these steps before staining, your deck will look phenomenal! Another important tip is to find out if your stain has waterproofing properties. If not, you will probably need to apply a sealer to the wood after the stain is fully dry.

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