Can I Paint My Brick Chimney or Fireplace?

Can I Paint My Brick Chimney or Fireplace?

Brick is a timeless, classic look on a home, and it is extremely common here in northern Virginia and the DC area. However, many people would like a change from the color of brick, and they wonder if they can change the color by painting it. Also, exterior brick can begin to wear out, and some homeowners hope to refresh the look with paint. Is this possible? Is it advisable? Let’s discuss painting brick chimneys and fireplaces, and then you can choose for yourself.

Painting Interior Brick Fireplaces

When it comes to interior brick, there is no reason not to paint it (just as long as you are sure you won’t want the bare brick again later). You need to begin by applying a block-filler masonry paint, which allows the topcoat to adhere thoroughly. Choose the color you like, and have at it! Painting an interior brick fireplace gives it a new look that will last a long time. If you want to change the color or refresh the paint, you can simply apply a new coat without the need for more block filler.

Painting Exterior Brick Chimneys

Exterior brick can be painted as well, beginning with block filler and then following it up with quality exterior house paint. The paint needs to be refreshed every 5 to 8 years, just like regular exterior house paint. Yes, exterior brick can be painted, but is it a good idea?

The problem with painting exterior brick is that it traps moisture inside the masonry. As the seasons change, the moisture expands and contracts, which can damage the bricks and the paint that cover them.

Brick chimneys are more exposed to the weather than brick siding is, generally. This is why chimney sweeps and masons tend to recommend not painting an exterior chimney.

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