Tips for Painting a Basement in Northern Virginia

Tips for Painting a Basement in Northern Virginia

Do you have a basement that you would like to make more pleasant and put to better use? You’re not alone! Homeowners throughout northern Virginia and the D.C. area have basements that are only used for storage, but these spaces could become much more pleasant with some quality paint. So, are there any special tips for painting a basement?

Color Choices for Basements

The first characteristic that many people associate with basements is darkness. Often lacking windows, many basements suffer for want of light. That is why you want to choose a light color for your basement walls. White is the time-honored standard, but you can also have lovely blues, yellows, greens, tans, grays, and more. Just choose a light shade, and you’re good!

For your basement ceiling, a flat, bright white is a great option, but you can also paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. The fact that it is lighter will make it feel higher up, adding a sense of airiness to the basement.

Painting Cinder Blocks or Masonry

In many cases, basement walls are partially or wholly made of masonry, whether that be concrete or cinder block. If you want to paint cinder block or concrete in your basement, begin with a masonry primer, sometimes called a block filler primer. This seals up the pores in the masonry and creates a surface you can paint on afterwards.

What If There Are Dampness Issues?

When a basement is prone to dampness, paint by itself will not fix the problem. If you paint a wall that has periodic (or constant) wetness, your paint will fail and you will end up with mold or mildew issues.

The best thing to do is contact a waterproofing company who can help you address whatever interior or exterior causes are behind the water. They may apply a waterproofing coating to the inside of your walls, after which you can paint them however you like!

You Need Ventilation!

If you are painting your own basement, remember that you need fresh air. If you do any sanding during the preparation process, you should wear a mask and blow a fan at the nearest door or window. Also, you would do well to choose low-VOC or zero-VOC products for painting your basement.

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