What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

Choosing paint colors should be exciting and enjoyable, but all too often we get bogged down by the sheer number of options! Then there are the nagging questions: what if it doesn’t match? What if I don’t like it? What if it goes out of style? Let’s start by taking a bit of the pressure off, so that the decision feels a little simpler and you can relax during the process.

Bedrooms are different from other major rooms such as the living room, kitchen, foyer, and dining room, because they are self-contained. This means that you generally don’t see much of the other rooms from your bedroom, nor do you see into the bedroom from other rooms. Why does this matter? Your color choice in the bedroom does not need to coordinate as closely with other parts of the house, since you will rarely see the colors in direct comparison.

Another reason that a bedroom is easier to choose colors for is that there are fewer people to please. In a common area of the house, you need to think about all family members, plus friends and guests. In a bedroom, however, you only have to think about the people who live in it!

Finally, painting a bedroom is reasonably quick and easy, compared to other interior painting projects like an entry and hallway, or an open kitchen. If you aren’t totally thrilled with the color after a couple years, it is not too big a deal to paint the bedroom again.

Color Ideas for Bedroom Painting

The first way to narrow down your interior paint color options is to ask yourself what feel you want the room to have.

  • If you are looking for stately and sober, darker browns or blues have a “feet firmly planted on the ground” feel, and a classy vibe. With white trim or light-colored curtains, the light level is balanced and comfortable.
  • Do you prefer something whimsical and light? Lavender is a lovely option, pairing wonderfully with yellows or blues. Mint, peach, and light yellow can also provide gentle energy and visual interest.
  • Are you into offbeat trends? A bold yellow or orange really makes a statement and provides a lot of potential for complementary accents. Speaking of accents, if you don’t want your statement color to shout too loudly, you could put it on just one accent wall.
  • Does your bedroom need to be a calm oasis? Blues, gentle greens, or subdued yellows work well for this tranquilizing effect.
  • Is energy what you need in your bedroom, to get you going on cold winter mornings? A sunflower yellow, a lime green, or a magenta could be just the thing for you!

Factor in the Size of the Room and the Natural Lighting

Small rooms tend to feel even smaller when the wall colors are bold or intense. If you need a more spacious feel to your bedroom, choose a lighter, subtler interior paint color. On the other hand, a large room feels cozy with bolder paint colors.

A room with more natural light can handle darker colors better than one with little sun exposure. If you need a little more shine in your rise-and-shine routine, use lighter paint colors, or a more reflective paint sheen on your walls.

Consider a Design Consultation

Some house painting companies offer a professional design center, where you can get interior painting ideas for your bedroom or any part of your house! This helps you get ideas you might never have considered, and it takes advantage of the experience of those who work with colors all the time.

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