Can Interior Paint Colors Affect Your Mood?

 Can Interior Paint Colors Affect Your Mood?

Most of us can relate to having our emotions affected by the weather. A sunny day is more likely to get us whistling and cheerful, while a day of overcast weather and rain can quickly make us feel gloomy. Did you know the same thing can happen with interior house paint colors? While paint might not have magical properties to dishearten an optimist or to lift someone from depression, it does have an impact. The interior paint colors and designs you choose will definitely make a difference to the emotions of the people who live in your home!

Let's take a look at some ways in which paint colors can be used to help achieve certain goals in your home.

Painting for Peace

Anxiety is a significant problem for many of us in this hectic, harried society. Red, orange and bright yellow can tend to inflame this negative emotion. In addition, complicated or "busy" interior decorating can add to that feeling of chaos or turmoil.

Blue, green, tan, gray, and similar colors have a much more tranquil, soothing effect on our emotions. You can use them in your interior painting to create an oasis of calm in your life. Also, simpler designs create visual peace, which can help us towards emotional calmness as well.

Positivity through Paint

For those who feel the need for an emotional boost, certain paint colors can add energy to your outlook! Warm colors like yellow and orange are an easy choice, but there are also cool colors that can bring surprising life with them. For example, a vibrant aqua or a tasteful lime will give a positive vibe to a room as well. Even some purple tones work well for your interior painting when you are looking for a lift!

Color for Creativity

If you are looking for a color that will aid your creativity, there are many to choose from! Purple, aqua, and yellow are great, as well as moderate amounts of orange. Bright green feels fresh and spunky as well.

More Paint Color Considerations

While there are more emotions that could be discussed, it is also important to remember that each color has hundreds of variations, and colors can also be coordinated to achieve more than one goal. For example, if you want creativity and peace, find a rich medium blue with warm undertones. If you want positivity but not anxiety, choose a soft, buttery yellow rather than a highlighter tone.

Additionally, it is good to keep in mind that you don't need to paint a whole room just one color. For example, neutral colors (think beige, tan, light gray) are very popular now, and they make a good interior paint color for large, open areas. However, you can use an accent wall with a more evocative color to add emotional variety to a room.

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